Who we are?

Our mission is to promote initiatives in favor of young people. Having as point of departure the human dignity of people, we foster youth to engage in social development projects that help the neediest: we want to serve them and have an open mindset to be able to share with, and learn from them. We believe that by supporting solidarity today, we build a better society tomorrow.

International Youth Cooperation Eesti is the local branch of the network International Youth Cooperation, a non-governmental organisation present in 11 European countries with more than 25 years of experience.

What do we do?

To fulfill our mission, we:

  • Organize events that inspire youth to volunteer and live for others;
  • Coordinate learning, training and formation events that help volunteers to develop their skills
  • Foster equality opportunities among young people, regardless their sex, race, or background.
  • Offer courses and activities that help our volunteers and other young people to find meaningfulness in their life.
  • Set campaigns and teambuilding events to grant visibility to solidarity as value.
  • Cooperate in international projects with similar goals, exchanges and volunteering activities.
  • Raise and collect funds to undertake these objectives.

More information about IYC in Estonia and internationally at